Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What is the difference between Bed and Breakfast and Self Catering?


Our Bed and Breakfast guests follow the same check in as other hotel guests and receive their Breakfast Vouchers from the hotel on check in, you will be met by our agent who will provide our key and from then on you are considered as any other hotel guest and can afford the facilities accordingly. Our Agent will be there to check you out and retrieve our key once you have settled your hotel account.

For our Self Catering guests, Breakfast is available as a chargable extra through the Hotel as are the other functions of the resort should you wish to use their facilities, this is in order to keep our prices as low as possible and allows you the guest to decide which facilities you want to purchase. 

2. How far is the Resort from the Famous White Beach and how do we get there?


White Beach is about a 10 minute ride from Alta Vista de Boracay Resort and is well served by a regular shuttle bus chargable to the Hotel which drops off and picks up from D'Mall which is about a 15 minute trip. There are also many local Trike vendors available at very competitive rates, from just outside the resort

3. Who will be there to meet and help us should we have a problem?  


We have an agent there on the Island who will manage your booking once it is confirmed with us. You will be able to contact our agent through out your stay and he will be on hand for your check in and check out to inspect the unit and return your deposit. 

5. What are the methods of payment?  


We can now take your payment securely through PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account. Or we can arrange the details for bank transfer.

6. What is the $50 deposit for and how will we pay it?


We ask for a $50 or PHP equivalent cash deposit to be given to our Agent by all our Self Catering Guests and all our Bed and Breakfast Guests are required to register a Credit Card with the hotel instead.

This deposit is a guarantee against loss or damage and is returnable on checking out once the Suite has been checked and the keys returned.


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