The second largest white sand beach, on Boracay's north coast is Yapak Boracay Beach, usually called Puka Shell Beach. About 1,300 meters long, Puka Shell Boracay Beach is a favorite picnic destination for tourists boating around Boracay Island, fringed by palm trees and the only protected woodland on the Island Puka bay really does make you feel like a modern day Robinson Crusoe. 

Puka Shell Beach Boracay was made famous by the large number of puka shells found there. Collecting and stringing these shells into necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery was one of the first handicraft industries of Boracay. Today you can still find mounds on Puka Shell Beach left from the search for puka shells, and women still make and sell puka shell jewellery there.

There is a well regarded Restaurant right on Puka Shell beach which serves cold drinks and snacks as well as local seafood, while more small eateries with cold drinks, and sometimes the "catch of the day" on the grill, can be found by following the road a short distance inland toward the village of Yapak. While many go by boat, Puka Shell Beach Boracay also can be reached by hiking, and a good road makes it accessible on mountain bikes, motorbikes and tricycles.

There is a private access route from the apartments of Alta Vista de Boracay to the beach including a frequent shuttle service for those with mobility issues.

Puka Shell Beach is the ideal foil to the hustle and bustle of Boracays famous White Beach, where you can sip a cold drink while listening to the gentle lap of the sea onto a deserted beach, or walking along the clear azure waters edge, waving at the passing boats as they Island Hop.


What visitors to Puka Beach have to say



“The most beautiful beach I've ever seen.”

“A Relaxed Time In Paradise”


“Most Beautiful Beach Sunset I've Seen”


“Shhh, don't tell anyone about it...”

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